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Why Choose US?

Opting for CHW Liberation Consulting for your training and community support requirements offers a multitude of advantages. 

Here are the reasons to choose us:

* Public Health Expertise: We offer specialized services for businesses and community-based organizations within the public health sector.

* Community Connection: As Community Health Workers, we act as connectors between communities, healthcare systems, and state health departments.

* Education and Advocacy: Our dedication lies in enhancing community health and well-being through education, counseling, referrals, and advocacy.

* Culturally Sensitive Training: Our CHWs deliver culturally relevant health education and information, tailored to meet the distinct needs of the communities we serve.

* Qualified Professionals: Our CHWs are certified professionals with expertise across all required domains, ensuring the delivery of superior services.

* Focus on Community: We excel in group facilitation training, crucial for encouraging community involvement and active participation.

"freeing limits, trusting change"

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