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Advocating for Child Abuse Prevention- WHY?

In the quiet corners of our communities, where innocence should thrive, a silent battle rages- a battle against the shadows that threaten our children's safety.

How do I know? Because I grew up in those very communities, that quiet shadow in the dark, the closed heavy wooden door to my mother's bedroom did not silence the noise, the yelling, the holes in the walls, the blood on the floor, and the dark sunglasses that she hid the black eyes and who knows what was going on behind the shadows of the mind that did not think to remove us from the toxic environment. Did the sunglasses hide the hurt and pain of the children who had to hear, see, and listen all night to violent acts, and words we were too young to understand?

We thought hate was love, violence was normal and the walls that hid the shadows of such pain were real.

It was all real, it was generations of realness. She went through it, I went through it and if my children would have lived, they would have endured it as well. See this is my WHY I have been and will continue to be an advocate for child abuse prevention, or any type of abuse.

I hit as I got older, I fought men as I got older I and had to defend myself. When and why was all that my fault? I do not stand alone; truth be told many of us lived through and with this type of trauma.

Did you know that it is reported during the "state of Virginia Fiscal Year 2023, there were 33,679 reports of child abuse or neglect completed by Virginia's 120 city and county departments of social services? These reports involved 52,480 children who were possible victims."

Now, don't you think that was one too many? Or are you the abuser who does not know or comprehend that you were once a victim, and now you hurt others? Look at all the women who blend families and the co-parent, or stepparent is the one who abuses the child/children.

The BOOGY MAN IS REAL! Listen to your children!!

Why do we continue to have five-digit numbers when it comes to abuse, now remember these are the ones that are reported or found out. What about the number of children being abused due to food insecurities, left home alone, suicide due to bullying in the home, or those who are too afraid to tell? Some do not know what to report. I was there when I was young, we never reported anything neither did the neighbors who heard it all, neither did my family members who knew what was going through as young children and babies. WE lived in the shadows of a home with fine furniture and drapery to hide but we could never get away from it all. A beautiful home bright outside, dead inside, many children are enduring this day after day, those being groomed by their mothers, fathers, uncles, and adult boyfriends. It's all a form of abuse. We need to stop this NOW! Today!

What can you do about it?

Stand with ME/ US and THEM! Report child abuse today! Save a child, save a life, save a life save a family, save a family save a community.

As a Certified Community Health Worker, we are mandated to report any abuse! YOU all have been warned. We are here to help, encourage, educate, protect, and save lives.

We welcome comments.

Virginia Child Abuse Hotline: 24/7

Call: (804) 786-8536

Out- Of- State Hotline: 24/7

Call: (800) 552-7096

National Child Abuse Hotline

Call: (800) 422-4453

Text: 800.422.4453


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