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Updated: Sep 15, 2023

NACHA wants us to join in on the National CHW Awareness Week, sharing their awesome information and details so that we can show support around the world! CHWs are very important to our communities, households and workforce. We delight in the fact that our passions help others to gain better insight to their help, support from people who truly care and outcomes that make a difference in the lives of many. Check out their details below!

Welcome to the 1st Annual National CHW Awareness Week!

This campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of CHWs, Promotoras, and CHRs! During NCHAW we are encouraging all CHWs & Allies to amplify their voices by remembering the three Cs!

Commemorate, Celebrate, Collaborate

National CHW Awareness Week (NCHAW) is the first ever national campaign with CHWs at the center! The National Association of Community Health Workers has developed this event to increase awareness of CHW identity, roles, impact on communities, and leadership – and to promote policies that respect, protect and authentically partner with the CHW profession.

Need ideas to participate in NCHWAW? You can host an in-person, online event or simply post on your social media channels during this Week!

If you have an event planned for NCHWAW, please use the following link to submit your event. NCHWAW event sign-up form.

If you or your organization need additional support or have questions regarding this initiative, please contact Katherine Martinez at¡Hola CHWs y aliados de CHW!


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