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#Celebrating Mother's Day Every Day: An Ode to Mothers No Longer with Us

Mother's Day is a special occasion dedicated to honoring and celebrating mothers and mother figures worldwide. But what about those of us who no longer have our mothers with us? For us, every day is an opportunity to celebrate our mothers and keep their memories alive.

## The Everlasting Bond

The bond between a mother and child transcends the physical realm. It's a connection that remains strong, even when our mothers are no longer physically present. Every day gives us a chance to honor this bond, to remember our mothers, and to celebrate their impact on our lives.

## Keeping Their Memory Alive

Our mothers may not be with us, but their teachings, values, and love continue to guide us. By living out these teachings and values, we keep their memory alive. Every act of kindness, every decision guided by their wisdom, is a celebration of our mothers.

## Cherishing the Love

The love of a mother is unconditional and everlasting. This love doesn't cease with their absence. It continues to live within us, in our hearts, and in the way we love others. By cherishing this love and sharing it with those around us, we celebrate our mothers every day.

## Learning to Heal

Losing a mother is a profound loss that leaves a void in our hearts. It's essential to acknowledge this pain and give ourselves the space to grieve. Yet, in this process of healing, we can find ways to celebrate our mothers. We can honor their strength and resilience by embodying these traits in our own lives.

## Conclusion

While Mother's Day is a beautiful occasion to honor our mothers, it's important to remember that their influence extends beyond a single day. For those of us whose mothers are no longer with us, every day is an opportunity to celebrate their lives, their love, and their lasting impact. So, let's make every day a Mother's Day, cherishing their memories and keeping their spirits alive in our hearts.

Although my mother "hated me since I was 14 years old, wished me to go to hell and never to see me again the rest of her life" were her words to often. But I forgave her hate, bullying, and most of all her mistrust that I would turn out to be anything. I still honor her.

I lost all four of my children due to my mother, wrote a book about it A Girl's Cry In the Dark", which is on Amazon and other platforms. Anyway, it is sad that you were once a mother, with no respect given because you are never once a mother when your children die before you, you continue to be a mother to most, to all and learn to advocate for those who come after you to prevent such behaviors.

Enjoy and embrace your mother, be the greatest mother you can be to your children. Tomorrow is not promised.

Enjoy your day and weekend, looking forward to your comments.

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