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Flipping Amazing- The Benefits and Features of This Flip Phone for our Seniors

Let's face it all of our eyes will age over the years. As a Certified Community Health Worker and a Health Coach with years of experience with Veterans and Seniors in our communities I know that the phone may be a challenge for them to talk, text and even see numbers.

Well, as I am always thinking about our communities and how we can present resources, I came across this "Jitterbug Phone".

It appears that they offer "affordable, flexible and affordable plans" and for a "limited time, get unlimited talk & text for only $19.99 a month". The ad also states "with no-long-term contracts or cancellation fees you can switch plans anytime".

Contact #: 1-866-400-0626.

Benefits, "easy large screen, big buttons, simple menu, powerful speaker and one-touch speed dialing making calling and texting easy". It also has a "long-lasting battery and urgent response button". WoW this all sounds great it also has "a reading magnifier and flashlight" on the phone so that you can "see in dimly lit areas and a built-in camera so that you can capture special moments".

Sounds like a winner to me, I am not a sponsor, but it appears that this is a great resource and worth looking into.

Call us and let us know how you make out with the phone, plans and service. We look forward to hearing from you. This way we can pass it on!! Help one, help one is our motto.

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