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Health Insurance Public Announcement- Marketplace Open Enrollment Deadline....countdown is underway!

December 15 Enrollment Deadline Reminder

December 15 is the deadline for consumers to enroll to have coverage starting January 1, 2024!

Please stop what you are doing today and enroll yourself and all of your family members so that they have health insurance. If you need assistance we are here to help you to get enrolled. We know and understand the complexity of enrolling especially re-enrolling when there are so many changes, language that is not on your level, confusion about what coverage is needed and not needed, how you can apply and afford the insurance. There are many resources and assistance in our communities where you can get help with this process of helping not only you to obtain health insurance but to obtain the help insurance that is the best plan for you and yoru family.

Are there any people in your family having a baby, it is imporant for them to get health insurance as well, they may or may not be apart of your health insurance if they are turning a certain age, do you know that your child will need healthcare insurance as well? Please do not ignore the resources, testings, prenatal care and the best providers that will offer services under your coverage.

These are all vital to the imporance of obtaining not only health care insurance but the right plan for your life today.

Time is running out! We are here to help, we can meet you at the library to assist you, or you can select the links above, reach out to the following resources to help you and your family if needed:

  1. Community Health Workers in your communities

  2. Local Free Clinics

  3. Faith Based Organizations and Churches

  4. Health Departments

  5. Community and Resources Based Associations

Did you find this resource helpful? Please let us know we value your feedback.

Contact CHW Liberation Consulting via our "Contact Us" page, we are here to help.

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