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Honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month

We celebrate our Hispanic communities, their lives, colorful beauty of their form and their Latino art forms, such as paintings, sculptures, photography, literature, film, dance and music. These are just to name a few. We celebrate all 62.1 million people in these/our communities all across the U.S.

My Dominican community has been critical to my life, in NJ they supported my work, collaborated with our awesome community events when it came to feeding the homeless population, back to school supplies/drives and supplying coats, scarves, gloves, socks to keep our families in need warm year after year.

We as Community Health Workers have more to do to support and help our Hispanic communities when it comes to value in health care. We have work to do, the health disparities in our communities are growing larger by the day because we have many refugees here to stay and we must help them all.

According to a recent Medicare report, "Hispanic populations in the U.S. face disparities in health conditions, with 50.2% of all Hispanic people with Medicare reportedly in fair or poor health.2 Cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are leading causes of death for Hispanic Americans. But disparities still exist in certain types of cancer and in relation to access to care. Hispanic individuals also have a significantly higher uninsured rate than their non-Hispanic peers. In 2022, 28.1% of Hispanic adults aged 18-64 did not have health insurance coverage, compared to 8.6% of non-Hispanic adults.3 Inadequate health insurance coverage can potentially be attributed to high rates of limited English proficiency within Hispanic populations".

What can we do? Here are resources to share with our Hispanic communities TODAY!

Roadmap to Better Care

Roadmap to Behavioral Health (Spanish)

Preventative Services- low or no cost to you.

If you need more resources to assist our communities, go to Or contact us and we are always here to help.


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