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Medicaid Unwinding- Is Well Underway

Trying to navigate the Medicaid process can be a challenge for many of our families. WE as Community Health Workers are here to assist you with viable resources as we follow, learn and gain more insight for those who are in need.

For more information visit the CoverVA site:

There are many families that need to be insured. Virginia Medicaid offers low cost, no cost health coverage programs that may help our families. There are many programs but keep in mind that their programs are based on a few factors, such as household income, household size and monthly, yearly income. Here is a snapshot:

These are just to name a few of the several wonderful plans that they have for our underserved, marginalized communities. If you need help with navigating the call and need more assistance with obtaining more information without getting overwhelmed. We can help or contact your nearest Medicaid office, Health Center, Health Clinics or even us.

We are here to help and look forward to you and your family getting the help that you need.


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