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No AC? No Problem: How the Underserved Can Keep Cool in Hot Weather

I lived homeless for over three years on the streets of Philadelphia. As I grew mentally and now have the ability and opportunity to help others this blog is to provide resources and help to our communities. I learned that there are ways to keep cool.

Let's explore how:

Fans- there are plenty of resources today that will help the underserved communities with obtaining a fan. Resources such as UniteUS,, Catholic Charities, community programs, etc.

Here are some ideas if you do have a fan available, place the fan in rooms with shade near a window that is open, then aim it into the room to circulate the cool air. If you have your fan in a window in a room with loads of sun and bright light, turn the fan around (reverse mode) so that it rotates and blows the hot air outside.

While sitting by your fan in a shaded room try spritzing water via a spray bottle, in the air and onto yourself. This is the fastest way to cool down your body especially patients with chronic conditions.

Showers- take a cool shower before you go to bed and think about purchasing a natural peppermint soap or a gel, this will help you feel better, keep you cool & smell good while you go peacefully to sleep.

Fabrics- It is best to wear light fabrics in the heat of the day, for example fabrics that breathe, no synthetics, cotton and linens would be best, also change your sheets to a thread count between 200 & 400 works best.

Foods- We all know that in the heat you should not eat alot of meats and heavy foods, especially those with chronic conditions. Try eating foods that have a high water content, salads are best, melons, oranges, pineapples and all your leafy vegetables, they contain capsaicin, this will help your natural coolants in your body.

Just a few ideas for our clients, community and those who we aim to serve. Stay Cool, it's vital to YOU self-care and health.

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