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Pregnancy Day- November 11, 2023

CHW Liberation Consulting only post resources that hold true value. Today we are sharing information to all women and families. Check out this flyer below and contact them today for an appointment.

When I was a teen and pregnant it was a shameful time in my life and the life of my family. They were embarrassed. I did not have prenatal care and had numerous pregnancies. It is horrible to share such bad news. But my devastating story can be a success story for you and your child. It is extremely important to get prenatal care immediately, it is important to know for sure the last day of your period. These are factors that will determine the health of the beautiful seed/baby growing within.

Although I lost all four of my children, I share this so that you can have a healthy and caring beginning of your pregnancy and throughout up until your baby is born. It is important for you to know that we have a great resource to share.

Did you know?

Here is an excellent resource that can help you and your baby as well as your family.

Please contact them today for an appointment and start your life of pregnancy with people who care. Remember to share your baby pictures with us we can post them too!!

Need more resources contact us..


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