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The Burnout Diaries- 4 Morning Reminders for CHW's

Each morning we have to prepare ourselves for the day. We do not know what our days could bring so we must start our mornings with preparation for the making of a much better day. How do we do so?

Here are 4 morning reminders that I would like to share with you that will help you to start an amazing day. As CHWs we need reminders.

  1. Your Attitude- the attitude you bring into the day determines the experience that follows. Therefore, if you allow others to get to you and hold power in your day when you started out in a positive attitude then it will then be your fault. Remember that no one holds more power than you have over your life and your day. Remain in a peaceful state no matter what happens, this will take you through a day of high vibrations and good energies will surround you.

  2. Growth- don't underestimate the power of incremental growth. Little by little you can change your life if we will stop to learn something new, listen to a new uplifting audiobook or some new comedy to make you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for your day.

  3. Food- we know that what we put into our bodies (food, tv, tech) are all things that can make us or break us. Be mindful of your nutrition this include being mindful of people, places and things that we put in our bodies or around our environment.

  4. Gratitude- appreciate all the good things that happen to you in your day, bask in the moment one second at a time. At the end of your day, reflect on how many things that happened that enriched your life today, write down the name of the people who provided a special and loving moment for you today. Journal about your day and how beautiful things are becoming for you or who you helped today that made their day a little bit better

These four things can be the start of something beautiful for your mental health and well being. It starts with us/you and others.

Suffering with mental health issues? Please get help and reach out to someone today there are many resources such as:

- National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)- is a nonprofit organization that provides support, education, and advocacy for people with mental health conditions and their families. They offer a helpline, support groups and educational program. Contact-

- Mental Health America- Mental Health America is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides education, advocacy and support for people with mental health conditions. They offer a screening tool to help you determine if you might have a mental health condition, as well as resources for finding treatment. Contact-

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)- is a government organization that conducts research on mental health conditions and provides information about treatment options. They offer resources for finding clinical trials, as well as information about different types of mental health conditions. Contact-


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