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What!!! Government Free Internet Program???!!!!

You know instead of clipping coupons, I search for resources to help our communities. Other sites keep you informed I am a fan of those too. But I like to add something different, the resources that I DO NOT SEE.

I came across MAXSIP TELECOM., I asked what is this since the word "free" always comes with a catch in our communities. We aren't as privileged as others, we look at free with ???. Anyway, I did a little more research and also looked at the reviews that actual customers wrote about this product and/or service so you don't have to.

This is what I found: (1) there were only a few reviews, some customers complained about "unhelpful", "long wait times", unresponsive representatives", "billing issues". It is not a scam it is a legit company, they have been selling on "Walmart marketplace since 2022". Racking from employees who worked there gave a rating of 2.6 out of 5.

In case you just so happen to be interested and want to learn more, you can, just be advised that you have to do your own research, I did so briefly so that you are well informed as a consumer before you present your private info out there. It sounds like a great program but I would use caution but worth mentioning in case you were not aware.

Income restrictions "$39,440 or less for a household of 2" or you "receive Medicaid, Veterans Pension, Housing Assistance, WIC, SNAP, Survivors or Lifeline Benefits, Tribal Assistance Program and SSI". They offer a "subsidized 4G and android tablet" as well.

In case you are interested, let us know your thoughts if you are successful. If great we can pass on, if it is a flop as the reviews say, then we will let it go and wish for them to take heed to their consumers because the ad looks great, but service must get better. I'm just saying. or phone: (833) 761-8353

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