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Why CPR Training Is a Must for Community Health Workers & How You Can Get it!

CPR training is essential for Community Health Workers (CHWs) as it equips us with the necessary skills to save lives in emergency situations.

Since we are the first-line workers and are trusted by our patients/clients in our communities, and we play a critical role in providing health education, preventative care, and support to all those that we serve who have chronic conditions.

Along with our primary responsibilities as a CHW we ae also expected to have the ability to respond to medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, choking or any other crisis situation.

CPR is a life-saving technique that can help restore blood flow and oxygen supply to vital organs in the body when someone's heart has stopped beating or they have stopped breathing. Learning CPR, CHWs can provide immediate assistance to patients in emergency situations before professional medical help arrives.

Get started today! Although I am a certified CPR Instructor since 2019 American Heart Association, CHW Liberation Consulting does not offer this training. However, we do have resources available.

The American Heart Association offers this training at multiple locations in every state. Just click on their link below and get started today.

Once on the site just click the red button "find a class". This will be first step to an affordable training, gain insight with how to better help those in our communities. You can also become a certified trainer and gain some extra income by doing so while providing a valuable service and support system as well.

Let us know how you make out, leave a comment. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you excel in professional development in this area of your life and help save lives too!


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