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Heart to Heart- A CHW's Advice on How to Take Care of Your Heart

As a 2x heart attack survivor and a speaker at "American Heart Association", the Mansions in Lindenwold NJ in the past. I do know that the heart is a very important function of the body.

Here are just a few tips to a healthy heart which are best practices for daily habit.

  1. Reduce Stress- Life can be stressful for us all, it is important to find ways to relieve that stress. One of the ways that I do so is that I do meditation early in am for 30 minutes, then at lunchtime for 40 minutes via utube videos, there are plenty free meditations and guided meditations as well for beginners. You can also start a relaxing hobby some ideas could include spending time with your friends, take up a yoga class. These are a few ways for calming your nervous system and relaxation always makes the heart feel better.

  2. Exercise- Get up and move every single day, start off small take a walk at sun done in summers for 20 minutes, listen to head phones or ear buds and you will walk further. It only takes one step at a time. How about jumping rope, you can do this inside your hope, if you cannot jump how about sitting in a chair and do arm, legs and mid section exercises. There are plenty of these free exercise videos on utube. Once moving often becomes your daily habit before you know it you will be up to one hour. I will see you at the top. Keep it moving!

  3. Breakfast- This is the most important meal you can eat. My break-fast starts at 10am or 11am, when I do break this fast I think about what would be the best meal to eat, juicing is actually the best practice. No matter what you decide just make sure that it is a healthy choice that includes fiber, cheerios is heart healthy , although I do not eat cold cereal this has a lot of the daily fiber that you need as well as oatmeal with water not milk or butter add berries or ground flax seed or walnuts (if you do not have a nut allergy). How about a melon, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, yogurt, boiled eggs, fish, and beans. This is just to name a few great break-fast choices.

Stay loving your heart and make better choices, and you will see that your heart will love you back!

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