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Welcome to CHW Liberation Consulting. My mission is to empower and support our organizations, community based programs and associations.  My services are for those who support and hire community health workers (CHWs) in the development of sustainable programs that help promote health equity in our communities. As a Certified Community Health Worker, Health Coach, Mentor and assisted in the development of other Leaders with over four decades of experience serving our communities I know and believe that CHWs are an integral part of the coordination of care and are essential to closing gaps in care, creating value, and developing effective and sustainable practices.


My goal as a Certified Community Health Worker & Professional Trainer is to help CHWs gain the tools and resources they need to empower people to take charge of their own care for generations to come. Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to working with you.

Black, woman owned business-registered serving underserved, marginalized communities across Virginia and beyond.


SBA Certification, Duns & Bradstreet, VA Certification Board approved curriculum, SWaM certified, & 4 decades of healthcare experience in areas of healthcare insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Private insurances, Assisted Living, Independent Living Consulting Management, House Call Medical Care, Claim Processing, Prior Authorizations, Health Coach, Population Health, Care Coordination, Community Education Liaison, Healthcare Marketing Liaison and Project Management.

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My Story

CHW Liberation Consulting is a business consulting service with over four decades of experience in healthcare. I have lived in underserved and marginalized communities and have seen the challenges they face with unfair treatment from healthcare providers and lack of viable resources from systems with millions of dollars and a lack of true value in care. I have served as a health coach at the bedside in a large university hospital, worked for private providers, ambulatory settings, set up medical house call services and programs for providers, care coordination, post hospital follow ups, health education community liaison, medical claim processing, assisted living facilities as business office director, marketing and sales, for many years, and have also helped numerous veterans and their families, multi-cultural families, mental & behavioral health patients as well as patients with addictions to get into rehabilitation, successful treatment plans and receive the support they need. After living in the homeless community for 3.5 years I have been involved in several community initiatives and have received numerous awards and commendations for my work and creating teams that help many of our communities.                                 


My passion is to help ALL people to receive the care they deserve, and with my consulting service I will work to help businesses achieve their goals.

No parts of this website/contents are authorized to be copied, redistributed without the consent from the Founder all contents protected by copyright 5/2023.

My Purposeful, Hard Work
& Dedication Awards

Over 4 decades of hard work and dedication to the teams I worked with to achieve optimal success when it came to our patients, communities and environments served have awarded not only me but the people who we provided service to. Whether it be helping feed and clothe the homeless, sex trafficking prevention, health care education to communities, prevention of suicidal ideation, smoking sensation, drug addiction, hopelessness, bereavement, and training a multitude of nursing, college students, health care collaboration, the list goes on and on.

It is  God's purpose, mission for my life & hard work that earned me these awards and accomplishments:

  • 2023: SWaM Certification

  • 2023:Virginia Board Certified Community Health Worker

  • 2023: NACHWA & VACHWA Membership

  • 2023- CHW Liberation Consulting Launch

  • 2022- Mental Health First Aid Certification

  • 2022- Published- All Good Creations- A Teens Journey to Self-Discovery

  • 2022- Published- A Girl's Cry in the Dark Book (Rebranded) & Workbook

  • 2020- Published-The Center for Humanism, Anti- Racism; The Asclepian, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

  • 2019 Published A Girl's Cry in the Dark (6 languages, worldwide)

  • 2018: Employee of the Month, CUH

  • 2018: South Jersey Superwoman Award, South Jersey Magazine

  • 2018: Community Service Teen Leadership Award, 2018 Fashion Week

  • 2017: Emerging Leaders Award, BCT Burlington County Regional Chambers of Commerce

  • 2017: Women of the Year, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

  • 2017: Panelist- "Lead My Way"- A Global Perspective of Domestic Violence

  • 2017 NJ General Assembly State House Trenton NJ Assembly Resolution

  • 2016: Top Performer, Health Coach, Population Health, five consecutive years CUH

  • 2015: Manager of the Year, Medical House Call Associates;

  • 2014: Commendation, City Council of NJ

  • 2014: Hard Work & Dedication Award, Office of Mayor, Camden, NJ

  • 2014: Philadelphia State Prison- Keynote Speaker- Women's Entrepreneur Program

  • 2014, ZEVS Program, Philadelphia State Prison Mentor Women Inmates & Officer Empowerment Program Leader

  • 2014: TELL (Teens Experience Learning Life) Teen Mentoring Program Launch

  • 2014: Numerous Special Senate, Awards for Community Engagement

  • 2011: Manager of the Year, Mediversity Health


We are constantly working on new and future-forward programs, so stay tuned to see what we've been up to.


With our help, you can help your CHWs to reach the next level of success in health care. Join our TEAM.


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